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Selected SciFaiku (1996)

The following are some SciFaiku selections with commentary. Enjoy!

I see them coming
Black ships fill the morning sky
Terror grips my soul

-- Jill Becker

Like a primal scream, this seems to capture some central human archetype of fear. The 2nd line is the key, the stark image of terror. The final line puts it in context, though I might have tried to capture the feeling of terror through describing action if possible (though certainly no better line comes to mind -- this one seems to have captured the feeling quite well).

Beyond the comforting
Walls of steel,
Emptiness and cold death
Await me.

-- Jennifer D'Agostino

the loneliest sound in the universe
is that
of the last heartbeat

-- Brenda Lee Eccles

Both sad and profound, this poem prophesies a cataclysmic end to a universe and does it with a direct personal reference. I love it.

Starship spirals inwardly
Blue photons escape

-- Scott Peterson

The lid closes on my sleeping tube
My dreams are filled with
Thoughts of you.

-- James Palmer

Sad. Beautiful. Space travel is like this.

atmospheric bubble
catches at my breath
as I gaze back at home.

-- Erick Gallun

I can feel this bubble tickling at my throat. This is immediacy at its best.

Blast the evil planet
Death to the alien race
Watch them die

-- Anonymous

Anonymous achieves a humorously shocking attitude. I love the directness, in fact, the lack of subtlety in this particular poem. It dramatically stereotypes a genre and a whole world-view.

Starrise in the south--
        crystals stitched on
                unknown star-scapes

-- Michael R. Collings

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