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SciFaiku is a form of poetry inspired by the Japanese haiku, also sometimes known as scifi-ku or scifiku. SciFaiku poems are short, minimal poems about science and science-fiction topics. They are presented with direct, tangible images in clear and simple language. For example:

her reptilian skin --
small bubbles on glossy green...

For more details about SciFaiku, read The SciFaiku Manifesto, which started the SciFaiku movement in 1995.

Read more science fiction haiku where we collect some of the best pieces.

For other SciFaiku websites, visit our Links page. A brief history of SciFaiku is available on Wikipedia.

Join the SciFaiku Group on Yahoo! to read and share poetry with a broad community of SciFaiku writers. Interested in submitting your scifaiku for publication? Check out our list of interested publishers. You may also be interested in joining The Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA).

SciFaiku by:
  Yvonne Aburrow
Tom Brinck
Todd Hoff
Mike Kretsch
James Palmer

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